WWE NXT May Not Be The Only Pro Wrestling Company The CW Wants To Deal With

WWE has a lot of plans in the pipeline, and they revealed a great deal with NXT’s move to The CW. That being said, this may not be an exclusive agreement at this time.

Earlier this week, the announcement came that WWE NXT is set to make its transition from the USA Network to its new broadcast home, The CW, in 2024. This shift raised questions about the potential impact on the NWA, as it was widely believed that Billy Corgan’s promotion had been in negotiations with The CW as well.

Dave Meltzer delved into the wrestling television landscape in this week’s edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. He pointed out WWE’s historical insistence on exclusivity when it comes to wrestling content and, on occasion, combat sports as a whole on their TV networks.

Meltzer also mentioned that The CW had been in discussions with the United Wrestling Network based in Los Angeles, but the WWE agreement may have cast doubt on the future of that potential deal. While a NWA agreement was seemingly in place and ready for an announcement, sources within WWE reportedly doubt there will be any NWA programming featured on The CW.



These developments align with earlier reports suggesting that the NWA deal might undergo changes due to a viral segment involving substance abuse that aired on a recent NWA pay-per-view. This potential adjustment could lead to NWA broadcasting its content through The CW app rather than traditional television.

The report also highlighted that WWE’s current ownership by Endeavor might indicate a shift away from exclusivity, as Endeavor is not known for imposing such restrictions when negotiating destinations for UFC programming. Furthermore, there have been indications that The CW is open to hosting multiple wrestling promotions on its platform, suggesting a more lenient approach to exclusivity in WWE’s agreement.

We will keep an eye on this story, and everything else involving the wild world of pro wrestling news, right her at Ringside News. Keep checking back for more details. You never know what can happen next, especially when big money deals are at play.

What’s your take on this story about the CW? Would you like them to be exclusive to WWE? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

November 11, 2023 7:25 am


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