The Undertaker Believes Bray Wyatt ‘Barely Scratched The Surface’ Before Tragic Passing

Bray Wyatt returned to WWE television during Extreme Rules last year, after being released in 2021. There were a lot of things he wanted to do after returning, but that would never happen as he, unfortunately, passed away back in August. That said, The Undertaker lamented Wyatt’s passing recently.

Bray Wyatt’s sudden passing at the tender age of 36 sent shockwaves through fans and the professional wrestling community. It has been more than two months, but the pain still lingers on for those who loved him deeply.

While speaking to Bill Apter, The Undertaker talked about Bray Wyatt’s unfortunate passing, admitting that Wyatt had “barely scratched the surface” in his WWE career and could have accomplished so much more.

It’s sad in the sense that he died such a young man, on a personal level. But on a professional level, he was just scratching the surface of what I think he was going to be. I think he was going to be really, really special. I mean, he already was. But he had just scratched the surface of what he was going to do in the industry.



Everything. A lot of things is very cookie-cutter within the wrestling industry and the sports entertainment industry, and everyone wants to do the same thing. He was not that guy. He looked at things with a different perspective, and wasn’t afraid to try things, even when people would say, ‘I don’t know about that.’ He had that conviction within himself that he knew he could make it work, and it’s so sad.”

The Deadman made it clear on numerous occasions that he is a massive fan of Bray Wyatt and always remains interested in whatever he did on WWE television. Bray Wyatt’s contributions to the world of professional wrestling will never be forgotten and that is unlikely to ever change.

What do you think of what The Undertaker had to say? Are you sad Bray Wyatt never accomplished as much as he could have? Let us know in the comments section below.

November 19, 2023 12:46 pm


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