Swerve Strickland’s AEW Full Gear Ensemble Seemingly Honored Death Match Icon

Adam Page and Swerve Strickland had been feuding for the past couple of months, which has seen many twists and turns so far. Page even attacked Strickland during an indie event prior to Full Gear. It came to an end at Full Gear and now it appears Strickland paid tribute to a death match icon with his ring gear.

Ringside News provided full coverage of AEW Full Gear. It featured one of the most brutal matches in AEW history, as Adam Page took on Swerve Strickland in a Texas Death Match. Both Page and Strickland bled buckets worth of blood and when the dust settled, Strickland got his hands raised in what was undoubtedly AEW’s best death match.

A fan took to Twitter and uploaded a photo of Swerve Strickland from Full Gear and Terry Funk, noting that Strickland’s tights were a homage to the death match legend.

Swerve Strickland paying homage to the late great Terry Funk with his tights last night is so fire. Terry participated in ~100 Texas Death Matches during his career and his father is credited with creating the stipulation.



RIP Funker🐐🕊️”

Swerve Strickland also issued scathing warning to the AEW locker room after Full Gear. It remains to be seen whether he will begin feuding with MJF next as he has a ton of momentum right now.

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November 19, 2023 1:14 pm


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