Ex-WWE Superstar Remembers Incident of Peeing on Dusty Rhodes

Dusty Rhodes, also known as “The American Dream,” was a legendary professional wrestler who made a significant impact on the world of sports entertainment. He always had tons of stories to tell and lots that he was involved in as well. In fact, an ex-WWE star recalls peeing on Rhodes.

While speaking to Steve Fall of Ringside News, former WWE star Brian Blair recently shared a memorable story from his wrestling days. A few days after an event, Blair alongside Dusty Rhodes and Andre The Giant found themselves with a day off in New Orleans. They decided to enjoy some oysters at Felix’s, although Andre the Giant opted for beer instead of the seafood. After a while, they decided to head to another bar across the street.

Blair needed to use the restroom, but the boss insisted they move quickly to check out a place with a unique attraction—a chair with a female mannequin swinging in and out. Blair decided to hold it until they reached their destination.

‘A few days later, we’re in New Orleans, and we had a day off because we were in the Superdome. We’re eating oysters and stuff at Felix’s, and Andre wouldn’t eat the oysters but was drinking lots of beer. There’s another bar across the street, so we’re going to go to that bar. I had to pee again, so I said I’m going to go right here, and the boss is going, ‘Hey, hey, hey, let’s go.’ In New Orleans, there’s this chair with a female mannequin swinging in and out, so the boss wanted to check that out. I figured I could hold it until we got there.



Upon arriving, they entered the building and began ascending a set of stairs. There was a landing platform with a blind set of stairs ahead. Blair, struggling with his urgent need to pee, noticed a small palm tree on the landing and considered it as a last resort.

As they climbed, Andre the Giant led the way, followed by Dusty Rhodes, with Blair bringing up the rear. Suddenly, the lights went out, plunging them into complete darkness. Andre warned, “Hold on to your poke,” fearing a possible robbery. Dusty, disoriented, repeatedly asked Blair what was happening. Desperate, Blair felt for the palm tree and started peeing.

”Finally, we get to the place, open the doors, and walk up these stairs. There’s a landing platform, and from the platform, there’s a blind set of stairs you can’t really see until you get to the platform. My teeth are chattering because I have to pee so bad. There’s a little palm tree there, so I figure I’ll pee on that palm tree if I can’t hold it any longer. We’re walking up the stairs, and right before the top stair, Andre’s in the lead, Dusty’s right behind him, and I’m right behind Dusty. All of a sudden, the lights go out completely. You cannot see anything, not even your finger in front of your face. I hear the giant say, ‘Hold on to your poke,’ meaning hold on to your wallet because he thought we were getting robbed. Dusty’s going, ‘B, what’s up, what’s up, what’s up,’ and we’re both kind of holding each other. I turn and feel the leaf of that palm tree and start peeing on it.”

After several tense seconds, the lights came back on. Dusty shouted, “Hey, hey, hey, hey,” and Blair realized he had not been peeing on the palm tree but on Dusty’s boot and leg, with the urine flowing into Dusty’s cowboy boot. Dusty, infuriated, exclaimed, “God d***,” while Andre laughed harder than Blair had ever seen.

Dusty furiously declared, “You will never wrestle again, you black B,” as he removed his boot, from which urine poured out—about three cups worth. Despite the mishap, Blair recalls the incident as hilarious, noting it as one of his most unforgettable stories.

We’re standing there for what seemed like another 5 or 10 seconds, and then the lights pop on. Dusty’s going, ‘Hey, hey, hey, hey,’ and I realize he always tucked his jeans into his cowboy boots. I thought I was peeing on the palm tree, but I was peeing on his boot and leg, and it was going right down into his boot. He’s going, ‘God d***,’ and the giant is laughing so hard. I’ve never seen the giant laugh so hard in my life. Dusty went off on me, saying, ‘You will never wrestle again, you black B.’ He just went off, and it was funny. He pulled his boot off, and pee was coming out—probably three cups of pee. It was hilarious. Oh my God, now that’s a story.’”

This is just one of many stories regarding Dusty Rhodes, as the legendary WWE Superstar was truly larger than life in every single way. Nonetheless, fans certainly loved hearing this story about ”The American Dream.”

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