Ex WWE Superstar Explains Locker Room Argument With The Rock

Ahmed Johnson spent a bit of time in WWE. He made history by becoming the first African-American Intercontinental Champion in WWE history in 1996. Johnson’s impactful presence and athleticism left a lasting impression on the wrestling world during his career in the 1990s. That being said, it seems that he still has some beef with his former co-worker.

Ahmed Johnson recently sat down for an interview on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast. Below, we’ve gathered some key highlights from the conversation. To hear the full podcast, simply scroll down.

Ahmed Johnson started things out by explaining why he has heat with D’Lo Brown. This all started in the WWE locker room.

“He claimed he beat me up in the locker room. If D’Lo Brown beat me, do you know what that means? Number one, Vince would be pushing him instead of me. Everybody would have seen it. Nobody’s seen it as of now except for Mark Henry, Faarooq (Ron Simmons), and Kama (The Godfather). Nobody else seen this in the locker room and nobody has heard this until now. That rumor didn’t start until I left and then I left and all of a sudden I hear, ‘D’Lo beat you up.’ I mean it’s unbelievable man. So yeah, D’Lo is on my list and Mark Henry is definitely on my list.”



When it comes to Mark Henry, it seems that there is still heat there as well. Ahmed Johnson spoke about how Henry badmouthed him after he left WWE, and that didn’t sit too well with him.

“He just started talking a bunch of sh*t man once I left. Nobody did when I was there. When I was there, they didn’t say a word to me, but as soon as I left, all these rumors started, man, so I don’t know what the deal is. I think they’re mad number one, they’re mad because I became the first black Intercontinental Champion in history. Number two, they’re mad because they’ve been wrestling for years and years, some of them 14 years and I come in at the one year and get the Intercontinental belt and I don’t think that the boys appreciate that.”

Ahmed Johnson also took a minute to speak about his fight with D’Lo Brown. This is apparently still a sore spot for him.

“He said he got me in a full nelson. That was the fight. D’Lo got me in a full nelson and that was the fight. According to him, that’s the end of it. No punches were thrown, nothing else was thrown, it’s just that he got me in full nelson and that was supposed to have been, I guess he called that a fight.”

When Johnson was asked if this fight ever happened, he replied to say, “No. That’s what I don’t understand, where that’s coming from. Me and The Rock got into an argument and we beat that out. Then after I leave, a year later I’m hearing all these rumors again.”

Then Ahmed Johnson addressed an argument that he had with The Rock. This involved a locker room incident, but he didn’t go into many details. The only thing we seem to know from this story is that The Rock is apparently not what he seems to be.

“About who’s going to go over and what we were gonna do to get to that point where I beat him up and pin him. He didn’t like some of my ideas. I didn’t like his ideas. There was a locker room incident. I don’t really want to say what it was. The Rock, he ain’t who he seems to be. He’s not all that smiling and handshaking that people think he is. I’ve seen him be very rude to some of the fans. Very rude.”

The Rock has been through a lot in his career, and his activities outside WWE are still drawing headlines. After all, Val Venis called The Rock out for selling his soul. Apparently, Ahmed Johnson also feels a certain way about The People’s Champion.

Ahmed Johnson’s days in WWE are long behind him, and it’s doubtful he will ever wrestle again. That being said, it would be interesting to see WWE book Johnson for a RAW Reunion show after making these kind of comments.

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