Danhausen Responds To Post About AEW Firing Him

AEW has several stars who aren’t on the road because of injury. That being said, Tony Khan has also been in the mood to hire and fire a few people as the situation is needed. That sparked a brand-new conversation with the pro wrestling fan base.

Danhausen is out of action with an injury. That called for him to miss a fair chunk of time, including CM Punk’s return to the company. He is still with AEW and fans are also purchasing him merchandise.

The Very Nice, Very Evil star replied after one fan clapped back at the idea of Danhausen “just taking up space.” This fan said, “Danhausen and Dark Order move merch, and you want them cut?”

Danhausen saw that post, and he replied in his usual fashion. He was a bit sarcastic with the response, but you could also read between the lines to interpret his possible intention behind this post.



Yes fire Danhaussen he makes the company zero dollars! The person who wrote this is really smart and should definitely have a job writing.

Danhausen hasn’t been fired from AEW, but his friend CM Punk was released. That is disappointing, because many fans wanted to see Danhausen and “Pepsi Man” in the ring together.

We will keep our eyes peeled for Danhausen’s AEW return. His fan base is still very strong, and he has plenty of people buying his merchandise, which gives him the bags of money he wants. The biggest question is when Danhausen will return to the ring, and whether he will arrive via blimp.

What’s your take on Tony Khan firing some of his talent? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

September 11, 2023 1:59 pm

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