Kevin Nash Claims He Has No Heat With CM Punk After Scathing Remarks

CM Punk has never failed to burn bridges with many promotions he has been a part of, as controversy is always following him. He was fired from AEW last week after a lot of drama, but that only gave rise to rumors of him returning to WWE. Kevin Nash also had some scathing remarks at the idea of Punk going to WWE and now it appears Kevin Nash claimed that he has no heat with CM Punk.

Ringside News exclusively reported that CM Punk made desperate attempt to return to WWE when he was part of the WWE Backstage show a few years ago. Other reports have suggested that he was interested in returning to WWE before his AEW comeback earlier this year.

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash had some scathing remarks at the idea of CM Punk going to WWE, as he was very aggressive towards Punk and even offered to be in the Royal Rumble with Punk.

However, as pointed out by a fan on Twitter, a clip of Kevin Nash after his remarks revealed that he was only doing it to get more ratings. Nash claimed that he has no heat with Punk.



I got no heat with this guy, after last week, those ratings were amazing. Just milk this m********** as long as we can. We gave Steve enough right now, f*** it, we got 75,000 hits on this one right there.

Ringside News also exclusively reported that CM Punk wants fans to believe WWE is an option for him. We’ll have to wait and see what will become of The Second City Saint in the end.

What do you make of what Kevin Nash had to say? Do you feel CM Punk’s WWE return is impossible? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

September 11, 2023 2:09 pm


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