CM Punk Has No Pending Legal Action Against Tony Khan After AEW Firing

CM Punk has never failed to burn bridges with almost every promotion he has worked with, especially with WWE. His run with AEW ended on a sour note after he was fired earlier this month. Now it appears CM Punk doesn’t have any pending legal action against Tony Khan after this firing.

CM Punk and Jack Perry had been suspended following their backstage confrontation at AEW All In, which eventually led to Tony Khan firing CM Punk. Khan would then provide the reason behind Punk’s firing.

According to Nick Hausman of, it was reported that CM Punk does not have any pending legal action against Tony Khan or AEW, following his firing earlier this month.

“From what I gather, Punk is looking to avoid any further litigation and move on with his life. He was described to me as someone breathing a sign of relief now that he is away from the day-to-day drama that seemed to follow him at AEW. We have not been able to gather whether any pending legal action on AEW or Tony Khan’s behalf towards Punk is pending, but things do seem quiet between the two sides.”



Ringside News also exclusively reported that CM Punk wants fans to believe WWE is an option for him. Eric Bischoff also warned CM Punk that the clock is ticking on his in-ring career. It remains to be seen whether Punk will make his way back to the company he walked out on a decade ago.

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September 18, 2023 2:18 pm


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