Ex WWE Star Kizarny Claims He Suggested Hawaiian Shirt For Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt was taken from us far too soon, as he passed away at 36-years-old after suffering heart attack. He made a ton of memories with WWE fans through the years, as his unique look and ring style made him stand out in a big way. Apparently, Kizarny takes credit for suggesting one unforgettable piece of Bray Wyatt’s attire.

Bray Wyatt was able to re-invent himself several times throughout his career. Many WWE fans remember first seeing Wyatt as he rocked a Hawaiian to the ring while leading Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. That is an iconic look, for sure.

Jake Roberts had Sinn Bodhi as his guest on the latest Snake Pit podcast, who was also known as Kizarny back in the day. Kizarny had a chance to work with Bray Wyatt in FCW, WWE’s developmental territory at the time, and he was there for a crucial moment in his career.

“When he first got to FCW, I think he was right off the gridiron. He had never been in a wrestling ring, and you know, he got the opportunity because of his lineage and that’s awesome. No problem. He was sweet, charming, playful, he’s very Santa Claus-ish. He was very, like jolly. You know, he just always had like, just rosy cheeks always smiling and always asking questions. I always felt like, you how Jake was to me? He was an open book to me. I was going to be an open book to anybody that was crazy enough to want to know. I was crazy enough to give answers. We’re in the same company together, trying to make money for ourselves and our company together. So he would ask, ‘Why do you do this’, and ‘Why do you do that, ‘ and ‘What about this’ and ‘What about that?’ Like, he was just always wondering and just a curious guy, you know, like why would you do this? Why would you do that?’”



“I’ll tell you a silly story. He came to me when they wanted to put him in those trunks and call him Husky Harris, and he said, ‘Sinner, they want me to wear trunks, and I’m kind of chubby. I don’t know if I could pull that off. What do you think about a singlet?’ I said, ‘You’re not going to fool anybody with that singlet, like, nobody’s gonna believe you’re Rick Rude under that singlet. Let’s try to kayfabe a little bit better, like maybe some coveralls or a Hawaiian shirt. You know, the Hawaiian shirt is baggy. If you put on a singlet, and you get a little tear, it’s all gonna spill out like a bag of oats. So if you got a Hawaiian shirt or coveralls or something, you know, the Hawaiian shirt is very Cape Fear, which is very Charlie Manson and Charlie Manson, you know, he needs a family. When I did the circus stuff, what was really creepy was the animal masks, and he was like, ‘Holy shit’, and he would write all this down. He would just ask questions, and we would just laugh and giggle about all sorts of weird shit.”

“Then he asked me about Tallulah, which was, that’s the personal thing, and I love him, and he’s gone and so many things that we both were hung up on each other about instantly became unimportant when he left the planet. It’s very important for me to tell the fans if you have a disagreement with a friend, or brother, or a colleague, or somebody, sort it out because if they’re gone, they’re gone, and then you get no closure. Again, I referenced Jake. He was the first guy called when Windham left the planet. I instantly think of Jake when one of the old timers goes because I just want to make sure he’s okay, and I asked him about Terry Funk, and he said he was sad, but he was okay, you know, and I told him that Windham thing hit me really hard because again, I was there when Jake made up with Ultimate Warrior. They had heat for so long and they made up the day before Ultimate Warrior powdered off the planet. I know that did Jake’s soul so well. I didn’t get to do that with Windham and that it just kind of broke my heart. Jake and I had a long talk about it, you know, privately, and I think what’s important, the story I’m about to tell is what fans need to know is that you got to love your brother. Brothers do you right and do you wrong, but you gotta love each other.”

“So now I’ll tell you the story of Abigail. Bray Wyatt, why I did the move, Tallulah, which is a different type of DDT. I didn’t want to just do the DDT. I wanted to do something to put over Jake but something with my own spin so it was a boosting double butterfly DDT thing. I called it the Tallulah Belle and Bray Wyatt, Windham, would ask me, ‘Why why do you call it that?’ I named that move from my legitimate dead sister. Her name was Sarah and I didn’t want to call the move, ‘Good Night Sweet Sarah’ because I didn’t want to upset my mom, so I fictionalized her name to Tallulah Belle, which is Bruce Willis’ kid’s name. It was just the silliest name I could think of and that’s why I picked it because I just didn’t want to upset my mom. He was like, ‘Well, why would you name that move after your dead sister’ and I said, ‘Because when I hit you with Tallulah Belle, just like her, you’re not getting up.’ He took a step back and then went, ‘Holy sh*t Sinner. That is so harsh and so stiff.’ Again I referenced Jake. I said, ‘Jake, pulls so much wonderful creativity from such harsh reality’, and that’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to pull something that was credible, something that would put a tear in my eye every time I would think about it. He said, ‘Oh my God, that’s so brutal.’”

“When I got my release, then soon after came Abigail. So I understand his logic and I understand, you know, that sometimes, you know, guys creatively take a step that they maybe shouldn’t have taken. If he had simply just said, ‘Hey, could I do this since you’re not at WWE anymore? I’m still alive, and I still do this to feed my family’, I would have said ‘Yes, no problem.’ But without him asking, it was just a sore spot. It’s not right or wrong. He didn’t owe me anything. I love him and I don’t want to say anything ill of him. I was just a little bit upset when I saw Abigail, and he knew about it. We talked about it, and we had a lot of back and forth about it over the years, and he’s a sweet guy. He was never anything but charming and apologetic about it. We never got to see eye to eye, and we never had closure on that like Jake and Warrior. It was, and it is, and it’s always going to be a f*cking cross for me to bear. So I will just simply say to the fans as respectfully as I can say that Abigail is both of our sister. I think he earned it. He did me better than me.” 

Husky Harris was not famous for his Hawaiian shirts, but Bray Wyatt was as he led the Wyatt Family into battle. Kizarny is a man with many stories, and he certainly seemed to know Bray Wyatt well before everyone else even knew him as the Eater of Worlds.

Bray Wyatt is gone, but he will never be forgotten. Only time will tell if a WWE Superstar ever tries to wear a Hawaiian shirt to the ring again, but they probably won’t hold a candle, or lantern, to Bray Wyatt.

What’s your take on Bray Wyatt’s gimmicks in WWE? Which one was the most memorable? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!


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