Zelina Vega Says She Is ‘Done’ With Twitter After Blacking Out Profile

Zelina Vega’s stock has been on a continuous rise ever since she returned to WWE last year. While Vega did have to go on a hiatus again due to injury, she remained relevant on social media and fans didn’t forget her either. Vega also has her fair share of haters and it appears she made it clear that she is one with Twitter after blacking out her profile.

Zelina Vega’s career got a major shot in the arm after joining Legado Del Fantasma last year. Now part of the newly re-introduced Latino World Order, fans have been firmly behind Vega in a big way.

Vega also recently blacked out her Twitter profile and this worried fans, as this move took place right after 9/11. While speaking on her Twitch stream, Vega revealed that she is done with Twitter for good and will use Twitch as her main social platform.

“I’ve kinda been a little over social media. So, I know a lot of people have been asking why my Twitter went black, cause I’m kinda done with it. Take Twitter, I can give two s**** about Twitter, I never really liked Twitter anyways. So I was just like ‘eh’ done with it. And I’ll probably go randomly on IG. But I think Twitch is my spot.”



We will have to wait and see whether Zelina Vega will eventually win the women’s title, as fans want her to reach the top of the mountain eventually.

What do you think of Zelina Vega’s decision to leave Twitter? Is Twitter a toxic place for pro wrestlers? Let us know in the comments!

September 14, 2023 4:15 am


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