WWE’s Creative Process For Running Angles At Live Events Unveiled

WWE has a lot of irons in the creative fire, and ideas come from every direction at this point. The company is in a booming period in terms of financial numbers, and the stories they are telling reflect that upswing. Now we have a bit more insight on how they put everything together backstage.

Road Dogg is WWE’s Senior Vice President of Live Events, so house shows are under his creative thumb. Sometimes WWE Superstars run angles at live events that spark fan attention, and a lot goes into that sometimes.

WWE fans recently saw Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso have face-to-face at a WWE house show. That sparked us to ask whether the angle was approved by creative on another level.

Ringside News reached out and inquired about how WWE house show creative works, and a tenured member of the team informed us that “they’re all different.” It seems taht there are a couple of ways that house show angles can go about going down. Each instance requires some sort of approval.



“Every one of those angles is different. Some are pitched by creative. Some are run by creative by Road Dogg Brian James. Some are pitched by talent the night of the show, then approved by either Road Dogg on the phone or by HHH via phone or email or text. They’re all different.”

WWE live events are always a good time for fans and Superstars. Talent get to have a bit more fun in the ring, and you never know when a viral moment might be recorded for social media to share in abundance.

WWE has also used angles at live events to hint at things to come on television. Fans will never forget how WWE used red lights and “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane to signify that Bray Wyatt was returning. That led to a White Rabbit angle that will live on forever as one of the greatest builds in WWE history.

Only time will tell what WWE books in the future at WWE live events to hint at what’s to come on television. There is always a reason to buy a ticket for a WWE show, even if it’s not airing live on television.

What’s your take on WWE running angles like this at WWE live events? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

November 13, 2023 12:57 pm

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