WWE Superstar Breaks Silence on Unannounced Return During 11/13 RAW

WWE has a few people on their roster who are waiting things out for the right moment to make their return to television. That wait ended for Indus Sher and Jinder Mahal this week on RAW, and they have a lot more in store for fans.

Ludwig Kaiser’s situation is becoming increasingly complex, as he has not only seemingly fallen out of favor with Gunther, but also garnered the attention of Indus Sher. The WWE stable re-appeared this week on WWE RAW in Washington, DC, and that was quite a surprise.

During the November 13th episode of WWE Raw, Ludwig Kaiser managed to secure a victory over Tommaso Ciampa, with an assist from Vincent Kaiser, who distracted Johnny Gargano during the match.

Later in the episode, Gunther praised Vincent Kaiser for his involvement in the match but made it clear that the commendations did not extend to Ludwig Kaiser, his fellow Imperium member.



As Gunther and Vincent walked away, Ludwig Kaiser found himself confronted by Jinder Mahal, Veer Mahaan, and Sanga. Vinci, inquiring about their grievances, received a stern response from Mahal, who warned that they didn’t have an issue but intended to discuss matters with WWE RAW General Manager Adam Pearce.

“We don’t have any problem, we’re just going to see Adam Pearce.

“But, I strongly recommend you choose your next move wisely.”

Sanga commented on X to let fans know that they need to be patient. Things are coming together for Indus Sher, and that understanding could be happening sooner than they expect.

Everyone understand very soon

Only time will tell what WWE has in store for Jinder Mahal and Indus Sher. They have a lot of potential, and Mahal knows what it is like to carry the WWE World Championship as well. Only time will tell if they can reach those same heights that Mahal saw with the Singh Brothers, but they could have other intentions in mind.

Indus Sher could be after the Undisputed Tag Team Titles, a lofty goal, but also plausible if they can find the right momentum. Keep checking back with Ringside News for more on Indus Sher, Jinder Mahal, and the rest of the pro wrestling world.

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November 14, 2023 7:41 am


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