WWE Snubs Mentioning Nikki Bella During 11/13 WWE RAW

Nikki Bella spent a long time in WWE, and she is a Hall of Famer with the company. Now, it appears that WWE isn’t too eager to leap to mentioning her during their show.

It appears that WWE has opted not to mention a certain star on their programming, particularly when promoting another show. This drew a few fans to notice this, because it was outside the norm in a big way.

During the recent episode of Monday Night Raw, Michael Cole presented a promo for the show Barmageddon, airing on the USA Network at 11 PM Eastern time. While commercials airing on the USA feature Nikki Bella prominently as the co-host, Cole’s promo neglected to mention her, focusing solely on Blake Shelton as the host. This is very interesting, because normally, WWE would love to hype Nikki Bella’s appearance on a show.

Nikki Bella’s relationship with WWE has been marked by tensions, particularly after her contract expired. WWE owns the trademark for the “Bella” name, which Nikki can no longer use. Additionally, there were reported disagreements between both parties as Nikki and her sister Brie’s contracts concluded. Nikki has also voiced criticism of WWE’s treatment of women wrestlers. In response to such concerns, WWE has made notable efforts to enhance the booking and opportunities for female talent.



In March of this year, Nikki Bella and Brie Bella officially confirmed that their WWE contracts had concluded. They now use their real last name, “Garcia,” for all their endeavors.

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November 13, 2023 10:00 pm

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