WWE Pulls Video Involving CM Punk & Randy Orton Amidst Return Rumors

CM Punk has been a major topic of discussion ever since he was fired by AEW back in September. Rumors about him going to WWE continue to gain steam even now, as we approach Survivor Series. Now WWE has done away with a video involving CM Punk while rumors of his return are still going strong.

WWE briefly posted and then removed a video from social media that featured CM Punk and Randy Orton. The video was uploaded to their YouTube channel for a while but was removed from the video listing.

The video wasn’t deleted as it is still in the archives as a private video. The video was live for a couple of hours before it was made private. The match was Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett on the November 22, 2010 episode of RAW and it also featured CM Punk on commentary.

WWE Creative has not been told anything regarding the potential return for CM Punk, but WWE employee believes there’s a possible path for Punk to return to WWE. It remains to be seen whether both Punk and Orton will return at Survivor Series on November 25th.



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November 17, 2023 5:18 am


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