WWE Overpowers AEW In Live Attendance Numbers For 2nd Week Of November 2023

Attendance figures in pro wrestling serve as a barometer of fan interest and support for the respective promotions. We have another week of events to look at now, and there are some interesting numbers.

WrestleTix has compiled attendance data for WWE and AEW television shows, shedding light on the popularity of these programs. Yet again, WWE was able to beat out AEW in attendance numbers.

At the top of the list is WWE SmackDown, which held an event in Columbus, Ohio, at the Nationwide Arena. Impressively, this show drew a crowd of 7,805 fans, making it one of the most attended wrestling events of the week. The enthusiasm of the Ohio crowd was evident as they packed the arena to witness their favorite WWE superstars in action.

Meanwhile, WWE Raw made its presence felt in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, at the Mohegan Sun Arena. The event garnered substantial attendance with 7,308 fans in attendance. Raw has consistently been a flagship program for WWE, and the strong turnout in Pennsylvania underscores its enduring popularity.



On the AEW front, Dynamite delivered an exciting show at the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon. While the attendance figure of 4,413 falls slightly below the WWE shows, it demonstrates AEW’s ability to draw a dedicated fan base to its events. AEW has been gaining momentum in the wrestling world, and their West Coast stop was no exception.

Rounding out the list is AEW Collision, which took place at the Oakland Arena in Oakland, California. The event saw a respectable attendance of 4,274 fans, showcasing the commitment of AEW’s California fan base.

This week’s attendance figures provide insight into the wrestling landscape, with WWE SmackDown leading the pack, followed closely by WWE Raw, AEW Dynamite, and AEW Collision. Now, we will have to see how fans are able to pick those numbers apart.

As both WWE and AEW continue to entertain fans across the nation, these attendance numbers reflect the popularity for each company. We are leaving 2023 and entering into a new year very soon. Only time will tell if those attendance numbers will stay consistent in the year to come.

What’s your take on WWE and AEW’s live attendance numbers? Will AEW ever catch up to WWE at this point? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

November 12, 2023 7:52 am


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