WWE NXT Results Coverage, Reactions & Highlights for September 19, 2023

The most notable moments from the previous week’s NXT main event were showcased, which included Becky Lynch securing victory over Tiffany Stratton to claim the NXT Women’s Championship.

Vic Joseph and Booker T provided commentary, and Alicia Taylor served as the ring announcer for the event.

NXT Women’s Champion Becky Lynch made her entrance in casual attire.

Becky Lynch began by emphasizing the dedication and relentless spirit of the women in NXT, mentioning several of them. She expressed her commitment to remaining in NXT for an extended period and representing the fans. Becky then turned her attention to Tiffany Stratton, acknowledging her competitive spirit and conceding that Tiffany had earned a rematch. Despite some colorful language, she acknowledged Tiffany’s determination.



However, Tiffany Stratton interrupted, expressing her dissatisfaction with Becky’s words. She asserted her own worthiness for a rematch and emphasized her role as the future of NXT, aiming for a second NXT Women’s Championship reign. Tiffany challenged Becky to a match that very night, but she also proposed having the rematch on a grander stage – at No Mercy in Bakersfield.

Becky Lynch accepted the challenge, conceding that Tiffany could have her rematch whenever she wanted. However, Becky warned Tiffany about the dangers of entitlement and asserted that success depended on hunger and determination. She insisted that the current NXT had the same gritty feel as when she started her journey, and she declared her own determination to succeed.

Tiffany Stratton then suggested that Becky should be grateful to her for bringing her back to NXT, insinuating that Tiffany had raised Becky’s profile. This led to a physical altercation as Becky and Tiffany exchanged blows. Kiana James joined the attack on Becky, but Becky managed to fend off both Tiffany and Kiana, showcasing her fighting spirit.

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September 19, 2023 8:07 pm


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