WWE Locks Down Name For New Female in Tony D’Angelo’s NXT Stable

WWE signed Anna Keefer to a contract, and she started in NXT. After showing up during the company’s Tuesday night show, many fans had questions about her. Now, the company has locked down her WWE name.

The November 14th episode of NXT, fans saw a new member to Tony D’Angelo and Stack’s Family. Now, we know who they are using. She wasn’t given a name on television yet, but she will apparently be around as Adriana Rizzo.

WWE recently took a significant step by submitting a trademark application for a brand-new NXT character named Adrianna Rizzo. This filing took place on November 14th and falls within the domain of various entertainment services. These services encompass wrestling exhibitions and performances, all of which are delivered by a professional wrestler and entertainer. The presentation of these performances is carried out through diverse broadcast media channels, including television and radio, along with online platforms such as the internet and commercial online services.

Furthermore, WWE’s trademark filing extends to activities related to disseminating wrestling news and information. This dissemination primarily occurs via a global computer network, emphasizing the importance of online connectivity in today’s digital age. Moreover, WWE’s commitment to providing comprehensive information in the fields of sports and entertainment is evident through its involvement in online community portals and the establishment of a dedicated website specializing in sports entertainment information.



Beyond this, WWE’s trademark application encompasses fan club services. These services revolve around the organization of sporting events within the wrestling domain, exclusively catering to the members of wrestling fan clubs. Additionally, WWE demonstrates its commitment to enhancing fan experiences by arranging social entertainment events specifically tailored for wrestling fan club members. To further engage its audience, WWE also offers online newsletters within the realm of sports entertainment and maintains online journals, including blogs, dedicated to this captivating world of entertainment.

NXT kicked off this week with a tag team title change. Tony D’Angelo and Stacks won the titles from Chase U, as that stable is going through storyline to seemingly emulate Vince McMahon’s scandal. As Tony D and Stacks celebrated backstage, they had a new female accomplice. Now her name is official.

We will keep our eye on this story for more updates as Adriana Rizzo makes a name for herself in WWE. You never know what can happen with this, because the NXT brand has been creating successful trios in recent memory.

What’s your take on Adriana Rizzo in NXT? Does WWE need another trio stable? Let us know what you think about this in the comments section!

November 20, 2023 9:14 am


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