Will Ospreay Unveils Wrestling Promotion He ‘Needs’ To Be Part Of

Will Ospreay has spilled the tea on his wrestling future, and it’s got the wrestling world buzzing! The superstar has his sights set on a sensational return to IMPACT Wrestling when it morphs into the legendary TNA Wrestling!

After Tony Khan dropped the tantalizing tidbit that AEW had inked deal with one of the planet’s top-notch grapplers, social media has been blowing up with speculation, and Will Ospreay’s name has been front and center!

The ultimate contract showdown is set to go down at AEW Full Gear on November 18th, and let us tell you, it’s not just Ospreay’s name that’s sending shockwaves through the wrestling universe.

On November 16, 2023, Ospreay squared off against none other than Josh Alexander in an electrifying IMPACT Wrestling match! And guess what? You can catch the entire epic clash right below!



The in-ring drama was just the beginning! Following the intense showdown with Alexander, Impact Wrestling didn’t waste any time stirring the pot. They took to social media and dropped a sizzling video that spilled some major wrestling gossip. In the video, Will Ospreay himself spilled the tea, declaring that he absolutely “needs” become a part of the Impact Wrestling family. The wrestling world is abuzz with excitement!

“I’m sending massive thanks to everyone who made this comeback possible because, let’s be real, at one point, I thought IMPACT was a sinking ship. It looked like there was no lifeline for IMPACT Wrestling.

“I’m very thankful to everybody for allowing me to come back here because, once upon a time, I honestly thought IMPACT was done. There was no saving IMPACT Wrestling.”

“But then new ownership came along, and then the talent backstage… the talent!”

“It should be spoken loud and clear that the staff back there and all the roster are the reason why this place is living and thriving.”

“I didn’t want to come to IMPACT Wrestling. I wanted to come to TNA.”

“So, before I round this up, before February strikes, you better make sure that as much as I love Impact, I need to step foot in a TNA ring.”

Ospreay lauded Alexander, and in return, Alexander reciprocated the praise for Will Ospreay. But the twist came when Alexander threw down the gauntlet, challenging Ospreay to a thrilling showdown set for 2024.

Mark your calendars because in October 2023, the wrestling world was hit with a bombshell announcement! IMPACT Wrestling is making a grand return to its TNA moniker.

Don’t blink, folks! Will Ospreay is still bound by his NJPW contract until February 2024. The anticipation is building for what’s next in the wrestling world!

Stay tuned to Ringside News, folks, because Will Ospreay is serving up some major wrestling drama, and we can’t wait to see what happens next in this sizzling saga!

November 17, 2023 7:10 am


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