Will Ospreay Announces Mutual Departure from 1PW

In a recent social media announcement, wrestling sensation Will Ospreay has revealed that he and 1PW are parting ways.

Ospreay, who holds the 1PW World Heavyweight Championship, made the announcement to address issues within the company concerning talent and management.

Ospreay expressed his views on the matter, stating, “Business is about having trust, and seeing what has unfolded with talent & management, it’s evident that the company has issues that need to be addressed.” He further urged fellow talent to ensure that they receive what is rightfully deserved and agreed upon.

Despite the parting of ways, Ospreay shared his positive experiences with 1PW, emphasizing the enjoyment he had working with the talent, crew, and audience. He conveyed that he harbors no ill feelings towards 1PW and its management, extending well wishes for their future endeavors, both professionally and personally.



Will Ospreay remains an integral part of New Japan Pro-Wrestling while also taking on various independent wrestling dates. It’s important to note that 1PW has recently faced accusations of failing to pay its talent. As more information surfaces on this situation, Ringside News will keep fans updated on developments.

What are your thoughts on Will Ospreay’s decision to part ways with 1PW? Leave us a comment.

September 8, 2023 10:25 pm


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