Why Rikishi Wasn’t Part of WrestleMania 40 Storyline with Jey & Jimmy Uso

Jey Uso recently addressed the absence of his father, Rikishi, from his WrestleMania 40 storyline against his twin brother, Jimmy Uso.

At WWE WrestleMania 40 Night One, Jey Uso emerged victorious in a highly anticipated showdown against Jimmy Uso, marking their first-ever encounter in a dream match scenario. However, despite the excitement surrounding the bout, it faced criticism from some fans for its brief duration, leading to discussions about unmet expectations.

Prior to the match, speculation swirled about whether The Usos’ WWE Hall of Famer father, Rikishi, would play a role in the proceedings. However, Rikishi’s absence from the WrestleMania match was notable.

In a conversation with Alex McCarthy of Daily Mail, Jey Uso addressed the absence of his father and expressed his desire for Rikishi to be involved in some capacity, even suggesting the possibility of him serving as a referee. However, Jey acknowledged the physical demands of such a role and hinted at the potential for Rikishi to participate in a future storyline or segment.



“Hell yeah, I always wanted my dad involved, whether it be a referee… I just don’t think my dad could have kept up, just getting up and down, because referees, they’re doing like, push up burpees the whole match too, they’re getting a great workout. Maybe like a go-home promo, just some kind of cool promo segment. There might be another time for it.”

While Jey Uso’s focus remains on his in-ring career, as evidenced by his recent victory over Ilja Dragunov in the King of the Ring tournament quarterfinals on WWE Raw, he remains open to the prospect of his father’s involvement in future WWE storylines.

Next, Jey Uso is set to square off against GUNTHER in the King of the Ring Semifinals on the May 20 episode of Monday Night Raw, as he continues his quest for championship glory.

What are your thoughts on Jey Uso’s comments regarding his father’s absence from his WrestleMania 40 storyline? Do you believe Rikishi’s involvement would have enhanced the match, or do you think it was better left as a one-on-one encounter between the brothers? Share your opinions and predictions for Jey Uso’s future in WWE in the comments below!


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