What Really Happened with CM Punk’s Exchange with The Young Bucks at AEW All In

Since the tense incident at AEW All Out 2022, the wrestling world has been captivated by the strained relationship between CM Punk and The Elite. During the event’s media scrum, Punk unleashed a fiery verbal tirade, adding fuel to the existing tensions.

Post-scrum, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega confronted Punk in his locker room, sparking a brawl that also involved Ace Steel. This incident deepened the animosity between the parties involved, leaving fans eager for resolution.

Throughout this saga, reports indicated that Punk was open to sitting down and resolving the issues, while The Young Bucks remained disinterested in reconciliation.

However, at AEW All In on August 27th, Punk found himself in yet another backstage altercation, this time with Jack Perry. The brawl caused monitors to crash onto AEW President Tony Khan, leading to Punk quitting and subsequently being fired by Khan just days before AEW All Out.



Despite the backstage tension, it has been reported that prior to AEW All In, Punk and The Young Bucks crossed paths at the venue. Contrary to expectations of a heated encounter, there were no issues during this interaction.

According to a source connected to that was present during the exchange before All In, Punk kept the conversation brief, simply telling Matt and Nick Jackson, “Let’s make history.” Punk then respectfully left, and the interaction went smoothly, as initially reported.

It’s unfortunate that later that day, Punk would cross the final line that Tony Khan was willing to tolerate. Recent reports suggest that The Young Bucks were waiting for six months without any drama from Punk before considering reconciliation. Megha Parekh played a significant role in the CM Punk drama and led the investigation into Punk before his firing with cause.

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September 9, 2023 12:19 am


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