Wade Barrett Enjoys Being A WWE Commentator Over His Time As A Superstar

WWE brought Wade Barrett back after years away, but it wasn’t as a Superstar this time around. Barrett was made a commentator on NXT, and that role soon saw him get a promotion to SmackDown, He really enjoys this new status as well.

During a recent episode of the WWE After The Bell podcast, Wade Barrett delved into his responsibilities as a color commentator in WWE. He really loves his role in WWE at this point, he enjoys not having to take part in the grind of being a WWE Superstar and not knowing what his future will hold.

At this point, Wade Barrett knows that he has a gig on WWE television as a commentator. He uses his words to get paid, and that doesn’t involve taking bumps in the ring.

“I love it. I’ve said it time and time again. I’m enjoying my time as a commentator more than I ever enjoyed my time in the ring, You’re really fortunate to get one career in this industry. I’m aware my in-ring run lasted a long time, had a lot of fun, scratched a lot of the itches I had, and achieved the majority of the things I wanted to achieve. But I would say this, you’re super, super lucky if you get a second bite of the cherry and get a chance to have another run, another career in this industry and be around this crazy wild circus that we have, you’re incredibly lucky.”



“At this time, I just have so much fun being completely in control of me. I’m not waiting for somebody in management to say, ‘Okay, wait, tonight you get to take on this guy.’ I’m not waiting for those opportunities that guys are constantly scrambling for. I know what my role is. I know every week I’m going to be sat next to Michael Cole.”

I’m going to be calling the action. Occasionally I get to sit next to Kevin Patrick too which was a real treat. I like knowing what my role is. I also like the fact that I have no one to blame but myself. If I have a good night, you know what? I prepped really well. I thought about my angles and I nailed it tonight. If I have a bad night, once again, it’s my fault.”

I’m not blaming someone in management. I’m not saying, ‘Why do they keep making me compete against that guy? Why do they keep, you know, not giving me the prime opportunity?’ So it’s all on me now and I feel like sink or swim and with my personality type, I handle that a lot better than relying on other people to give me opportunities.”

We will have to see if Wade Barrett ever makes a return to the ring for any reason. WWE has been known to give special angles to people, but it’s anyone’s guess if that’s in the cards. If he wants to bounce around in the ring, then he is more than able to do that, but right now his home is on commentary.

Wade Barrett’s inclusion on WWE television also adds a legitimacy to the commentary team. Many fans remember Bad News Barrett as a Superstar who commanded their attention, and now he has a lot more to say than just delivering bad news.

What’s your take on Wade Barrett making a transition to WWE commentary? Let us know what you think in the comments to let us know what you think!

November 12, 2023 10:08 am


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