Vince McMahon Urged Ted DiBiase To Do Steroids

Steroids have a history in pro wrestling, and there is no denying that. Now, we’re getting even more stories about how it has been present in the business for so long.

WWE has a Wellness Policy now, and it tests for drugs and PEDs. That being said, this was not always the norm in the company, and there was a lot more freedom decades ago for Superstars to get any extra help they wanted.

During Everybody’s God A Pod, Ted DiBiase mentioned his history with steroids. He was very careful about what he put in his body during his Mid-South days, but it certainly helped out a bit when he tried it.

“When I was in Mid-South. I was very cautious because, especially when you start to stick things in your body and how it’s going to react to it and all that. I was fairly cautious, but yeah, a little bit. And I say a little bit because it just helped. It just helped enhance my look. But I wasn’t against a lot of guys. What or who am I thinking of? The Ultimate Warrior? Yep. Oh my gosh. And, of course, that’s all he had was a body. And I don’t know how much his steroid use had to do with his death.”



Ted DiBiase stated that Vince McMahon once encouraged him to do steroids without saying anything directly about it. While using cryptic language, Vince McMahon made it clear without having to actually speak any words about steroids.

“At the beginning, I can remember the one thing Vince said to me as he said, ‘Teddy, I want to look a little more visible in the gym.’ And I got the message. I may have at the beginning taken some like testosterone, but I only took it as a kick of what I was doing, and I did not continue to take it. Just personally, I was afraid to do that. I don’t know, it’s kind of like You can do anything, and like you just said, that may have contributed to the Warriors’ death, I don’t know.”

The WWE steroid trial, also known as the federal trial of Vince McMahon, took place in 1994. Vince McMahon, the chairman of WWE, faced charges related to the distribution of steroids to his wrestlers. The trial garnered significant media attention and raised questions about the use of performance-enhancing drugs in professional wrestling. McMahon was ultimately acquitted of all charges, and the trial had a lasting impact on the wrestling industry, leading to stricter regulations and testing for substance abuse among WWE talent.

It’s interesting to hear that Vince McMahon had that mindset about talent juicing. If you look at the WWE roster, it might also be apparent who is getting a bit of help at this point. We will have to see if Triple H taking control of the company’s creative direction under Endeavor will change that long-present aspect of pro wrestling.

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November 12, 2023 9:41 am


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