Two WWE NXT Rookies Step Into the Ring for Their Debut Matches

During WWE NXT’s live event in Sebring, Florida on September 8, 2023, two emerging talents officially made their in-ring debuts, marking the beginning of their journeys in WWE’s developmental territory.

The first debut was Damian Pace, who kicked off the event by defeating Luca Crusifino in an opening match. This marked the first step in what could be a promising career in WWE for Pace.

The second debut featured Breanna Ruggiero, who teamed up with Fallon Henley. Unfortunately, they faced a loss against the formidable duo of Jakara Jackson and Lash Legend from the Meta Four faction. Ruggiero’s debut signifies her transition from the WWE Performance Center to live event action.

Ruggiero was part of the Fall 2022 class of the WWE Performance Center, joining a group of talents that have since made their way to television appearances in NXT, including Kelani Jordan and Karmen Petrovic.



Notably, the event also featured Gable Steveson, who’s career has been in question, returning to action and defeating Dante Chen. Steveson’s journey continues as he looks to establish himself in WWE’s NXT brand.

Which of these newcomers are you most excited to see develop their careers in WWE? Leave us a comment below.

September 9, 2023 11:31 am


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