Triple H Allegedly Said He Doesn’t Want To Pay LA Knight Big Money To Do Other People’s Acts

The pro wrestling world is full of larger than life people, and sometimes they fire shots at each other. It appears that there could still be a bit of tension between LA Knight and Kevin Nash.

LA Knight took shot at Kevin Nash on SmackDown, and a lot of fans noticed Knight’s little grammar lesson. He made a reference to how Nash said that “play” is in adjective, which it is not, because it is a verb. Of course, Nash had a lot to say about LA Knight ripping off Steve Austin and The Rock in the past, and that’s been well documentary.

Kevin Nash chimed in to answer back to LA Knight during his Kliq This podcast. It seems that the two might have something that they could settle in the ring. When Nash saw that LA Knight and WWE were in contract talks, and they were far apart on money, Big Kev game his old Kliq buddy a call.

“I had read different things where he took a shot at me, and I said, ‘How’s that really taking a shot at me?’ I said, ‘So what you’re basically saying is this is a guy that basically is a bottom feeder. I mean, the guy, it took him 29 years to get over, so he’s gonna make mistakes along the way because he wasn’t like he had any kind of clear-cut pattern or plans to make it besides he figured he just, The Rock and Steve have been gone long enough that he would just do their sh*t. I hear, I see where he’s up for a new contract. So I called Triple H. I said, ‘What’s the deal with this?”



“You know, because early it said that, you know, negotiations are going great and all of a sudden it seemed like there was a hitch. Paul told me, he goes, ‘I didn’t understand why this kid, and I use that term lightly.’ I said, ‘What do you mean? He goes, ‘Kid. The guy is my age.’ I said, ‘I don’t think he’s quite your age.’ ‘ He’s pretty damn close.’ ‘I said, are you more worried about the fact his fan appeal will recede as fast as his hairline is? Is that something you’re worried about?’”

“It’s bad enough like I said, unless you’re just a knob gobbler, there’s no way you would pick those sunglasses as a pair of sunglasses that you would wear. Paul said, ‘We’re so far apart because the only way I’ll sign this guy is on a nostalgia act.’ I said, ‘You mean like me, like, be on the legends.’ He goes, ‘Yeah, well he’s doing their sh*t. I can’t give him the same pay as guys that are going out there and doing original sh*t.”

Kevin Nash recently shared story about slapping Samoa Joe in TNA over a promo. Odds are, their beef probably won’t result in any physical confrontation, but it appears that they might be in need of a conversation.

We will have to see if Kevin Nash and LA Knight ever bury the hatchet. At this point, it appears that Nash will have plenty to say about the former Eli Drake.

What’s your take on Kevin Nash and LA Knight’s little beef? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

September 18, 2023 10:15 am


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