Trinity Receives Invitation to AEW Amidst Rumors of Interpromotional Match

The wrestling world is buzzing with excitement as the possibility of an interpromotional showdown between AEW Women’s Champion Saraya and IMPACT Knockouts Champion Trinity looms larger. The two champions have engaged in teasing exchanges, leaving fans eager to witness this epic clash.

Saraya recently expressed her ambition to conquer the wrestling world in an interview with Women’s Wrestling Talk. She pitched the idea of a match against Trinity and declared her intent to collect championships from various promotions:

“I don’t know about Indie promotions, but I would love to go against Trin (Trinity). Maybe I carry the AEW (women’s title) and then take the IMPACT championship off her and hell, I’ll go to New Japan and take that championship too and carry them around. I’m like Thanos with championship belts. I want to take them all. I’ll take Statlander’s belt (AEW TBS Champion). I’ll go on and get the trios championship. I’ll take them all.”

Trinity promptly responded with a warning, stating that her “glow hits different this era” and using the hashtag #trinpact.



Saraya extended an invitation for Trinity to visit AEW, where they could potentially settle their differences in the ring:

“I believe you, sister. Good luck keeping hold of it. Maybe you can stop by @AEW so we can catch up 😏”

As the anticipation builds, the wrestling community eagerly awaits further developments regarding this potential interpromotional matchup. The prospect of two accomplished champions from different promotions colliding is a testament to the exciting possibilities created by the Forbidden Door era in professional wrestling.

What are your thoughts on the potential showdown between AEW Women’s Champion Saraya and IMPACT Knockouts Champion Trinity? Leave us a comment.

September 12, 2023 8:17 am


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