Top Dolla Discloses Nixed WWE Plans for Michael Cole Match

It did not take Top Dolla too long before he understood how things went about in WWE, but he never really managed to get himself over as much as the company would have liked. WWE ended up releasing him back in September and now Dolla has disclosed nixed plans for a match with Michael Cole.

After Triple H took charge of WWE’s creative direction, Top Dolla and the rest of his group returned to the company in August 2022, except for Swerve Strickland, who is now with AEW. As previously reported, Top Dolla was released by WWE in September as part of the company’s latest slew of releases.

Top Dolla and Michael Cole had a feud of sorts over the course of 2023, as Cole would frequently take shots at Dolla. Dolla took to Twitter and revealed that he and Michael Cole were working together when Cole took shots at him. He then disclosed that he and Cole had plans for a match at a Premium Live Event, which was never finalized.

Wait until you idiots realize me and Michael was working together and y’all was too dense to catch on. Michael Cole is a real one.



Me and Cole wanted a match at a PLE.

We even had it planned out. I throw him around for 5 minutes, I get cocky and get distracted by (insert any wrestler here) & he beats me with a small package 😂

Yeah this was a plan we had as well.”

Top Dolla also revealed his booking availability following his WWE release. Top Dolla also debunked old stories about him having backstage heat in WWE prior to this release. Regardless, we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for Top Dolla.

What’s your view on what Top Dolla said? Do you also believe the match would have been good? Sound off in the comments!

November 14, 2023 3:24 pm


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