Top Dolla Discloses His Pro Wrestling Status After WWE Non-Compete Clause Expires

WWE released a few superstars after the TKO merger was finalized. The comprehensive list of people WWE fired since the merger includes former World Champions and executives. Just because it is the end of someone’s time in WWE doesn’t eject them from the pro wrestling world.

Top Dolla was one of the talents who saw their release during that firing spree. He is still very confident in his abilities to draw a crowd and carry a match. He can also bring a lot of heat in the process. He must wait out his 90-day non-compete clause associated with his WWE release, since main roster talent must wait 90 days and NXT talent have to wait 30.

Fightful provided a summary of Sean Sapp’s interview with Top Dolla. The former Hit Row member is still under a non-compete clause with WWE. That being said, he doesn’t plan on hanging up his boots when that 90-day clause expires.

We mentioned his WWE 90-Day Non-Compete is coming up, and he will be a free agent soon. Sean asked A.J. if he plans to continue to wrestle. A.J. told Fightful Select, “I will be doing everything, man. I’m going to be making music and acting. I will never stop wrestling; wrestling is a bug that bit me, and I will have it for the rest of my life.” He added there is nothing like your music hitting and walking out.



Only time will tell what Top Dolla does next. He has a ton of skills and some real connections in the business. This could be an exciting time for him, as he branches out after his WWE release.

The big question remains whether Top Dolla will end up in TNA or AEW. At this point, anything is possible, but Top Dolla will probably command a hefty payday no matter where he goes.

What’s your take on Top Dolla’s confidence that he will keep things going with this momentum? Is the best yet to come for Top Dolla? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

November 15, 2023 12:52 pm

Felix Upton

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