Tony Khan Has ‘One Ace’ Up His Sleeve to Sign Will Ospreay to AEW Deal

Will Ospreay’s stock continues to rise with every passing week, as we near his contract expiration next year. Quite a few pro wrestling companies are already interested in signing him and that includes WWE. Fans believe he will likely sign with AEW but there’s no guarantee about that. That said, Tony Khan has one ace up his sleeve that can convince Ospreay to sign with AEW.

The former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion had chance to sign with WWE back in 2016 but opted not to as a way to show his deep appreciation for New Japan Pro Wrestling.

With his NJPW contract set to expire in February next year, fans wonder which company he will end up signing with next. Ringside News exclusively reported a few weeks back that WWE may be prepared to offer Ospreay deal. In fact, Ospreay and WWE are in active conversations about a potential deal.

While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about Will Ospreay being the subject of a bidding war between WWE and AEW. Meltzer noted that Tony Khan has one ace up his sleeve that can convince Ospreay to sign with AEW – which would be to promise him an AEW World Title win at Wembley Stadium at All In 2 next year.



WWE wants him obviously. He’s been negotiating through Barry Bloom. The basic gist is that Tony Khan does have the one thing that he can offer Will that WWE doesn’t have.

Money-wise, WWE can outbid him for money I think. Maybe not if Tony really wants him.

But the one thing that AEW can do is, they’ve got Wembley and they’ve got a world championship, and there’s an easy, natural, great storyline. There’s a million ways to get to it.

And WWE will not make that offer, I don’t think. They’re not gonna do Wembley this year… well maybe they will, but I don’t think so. And moreover, I don’t think that they can promise him a world championship. They could if they really wanted him bad. They could.

But Tony could do it much more easily, because WWE probably has its ducks in a row, and would consider him more unproven, whereas with AEW, I don’t think that they would ever consider him unproven because of the success in Japan.

In WWE, it’s like, ‘if you don’t have the success here (in WWE)’, it doesn’t count as much. That’s why I’m saying, that’s the one ace up Tony’s sleeve when it comes to Will Ospreay.”

Ringside News exclusively reported that things are being kept very close to the vest regarding WWE’s talks with Will Ospreay. It remains to be seen where Will Ospreay will end up once his NJPW contract expires next year.

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November 16, 2023 7:29 am


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