Tony Khan Explores the Prospect of Monthly AEW Pay-Per-View Shows

AEW has a lot of things going, but 2024 could be a very busy year. Tony Khan made it clear in the press conference after WrestleDream that his company never confirmed monthly pay-per-views. That being said, it’s always a possibility.

Ringside News has complete coverage of everything Tony Khan said during the AEW Full Gear conference call for the media from November 16th. He is very hyped for the upcoming pay-per-view.

During the media call to hype AEW Full Gear, Tony Khan fielded questions about a plethora of topics. He revealed why Bryan Danielson couldn’t make Wrestlecade, he addressed his numerous announcements, and he also confirmed the departure of long-time higher-up.

Tony Khan also addressed the question of whether AEW intends to expand its pay-per-view schedule, emphasizing the positive outcomes that have accompanied such expansions in the wrestling industry. He acknowledged that companies that have broadened their pay-per-view offerings have typically found it to be a beneficial decision.



Tony Khan provided insight into his own experience, mentioning that he had planned the WrestleDream event approximately a year ahead of time, a decision influenced by Antonio Inoki’s passing. Additionally, he expressed his strong belief in including All In on AEW’s calendar, highlighting the strategic significance of these events.

The AEW president emphasized that they have successfully crafted a sustainable pay-per-view calendar for the year, a period that has yielded their highest revenue and buy rates to date. Tony Khan also underscored the achievements of All In, which boasted an impressive live gate and garnered around 200,000 pay-per-view purchases, surpassing the previous year’s figures. Thus, expanding the pay-per-view calendar has proven to be a valuable move for AEW, allowing them to thrive in the industry.

Furthermore, Tony Khan provided a positive update on ticket sales for the upcoming Worlds End event, signifying the continued success and growth of AEW’s presence in the wrestling landscape.

We will have to see if AEW starts producing monthly pay-per-view events in 2024. It certainly seems like that is how Tony Khan’s company closed out 2023.

What’s your take on AEW producing monthly pay-per-view events? Do you want to see it happen? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

November 16, 2023 5:11 pm


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