Thunder Rosa’s Injury Nearly Ended Her Career in Pro Wrestling

Thunder Rosa is determined to secure what she believes is rightfully hers. She relinquished the AEW Women’s World Title, and she hasn’t wrestled since. Thunder Rosa has waited long enough, and it appears that an in-ring return is coming along soon enough.

Thunder Rosa had to step away from the ring in August 2022 due to a back injury, leading her to relinquish the AEW Women’s World Championship. Since then, her focus has been on her recovery and making her comeback. In recent months, Thunder Rosa has been contributing to AEW’s Spanish commentary team. However, there has been no clear timeline for her return to in-ring competition.

During Busted Open Radio, Thunder Rosa commented on her excitement about her comeback. She wants to make that return, because she’s going to go “f*cking insane” otherwise.

“I had to learn so many other things to not go f*cking insane. Because wrestling was taken away from me because of an injury that almost ended my career. The fact that I was able to run three miles without pain this last Thursday or Wednesday, the fact that I’m able to lift weights, to sleep, to sit down, to sit up, to be on an airplane without pain, it’s beautiful.”



The fact of the matter that I get another opportunity to get my time and to get what belongs to me, it’s a blessing. I’m not gonna let anyone, and I’m putting everybody on notice, to tell me otherwise. I’ve been through f*cking hell, and I don’t care if I have to go through f*cking hell to get what I need to get because I am going to get it. I’m f*cking Thunder Rosa. La Mera Mera. They call me La Mera Mera for a f*cking reason, and that is not because I’m a wimp and I like to complain. No, it’s because I work my ass off to get where I want, to get what I deserve, to get what I was born for, and that’s to be excellent.” 

Thunder Rosa was spotted backstage during AEW Dynamite prior to Collision kicking off. The idea was that she was in line, with others like Miro, to see Tony Khan about getting a slot on the new show. She hasn’t showed up on Collision yet, although Miro is a regular.

We will have to see what happens with Thunder Rosa next in AEW. She isn’t finished with AEW yet, or her in-ring career. Hopefully, 2024 will be a much better year for her.

What’s your take on Thunder Rosa making a return to AEW’s in-ring roster? Let us know what you think about this in the comments section!

November 17, 2023 5:03 pm


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