The Rock’s WrestleMania 41 Title Plans Remain Uncertain

The Rock and Roman Reigns clinched a victory at WrestleMania 40, with The Rock pinning Cody Rhodes for the win. The Rock also attempted to intervene in Cody Rhodes’ match the following night but was unsuccessful in altering the outcome. Although currently absent from WWE, speculation has swirled regarding The Rock’s purported plans for WrestleMania 41. Now, there’s clarity on the matter.

The Rock has temporarily shifted his focus from WWE to Hollywood projects, but upon his return, he is slated for two significant matches. One is against Cody Rhodes, whom he has pledged to face. The other eagerly awaited bout is against Roman Reigns, a matchup that fans have anticipated for years.

According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter by Dave Meltzer, The Rock is set for showdown with Cody Rhodes. Meltzer also hinted at discussions surrounding a potential clash between The Rock and the WWE Champion, setting the stage for a battle between the People’s Champion and the reigning WWE Champion.

“At this point, the show is scheduled to feature Cody Rhodes vs. The Rock. Dwayne Johnson’s idea is WWE title vs. People’s title. Those in WWE have noted that there is no guarantee Rhodes will be champion at that time, which is where the people’s belt comes in. But so many things can change over the course of a year.”



Ringside News sought clarification from its sources regarding the speculation about a potential matchup between The Rock and Cody Rhodes for a WWE Undisputed Title vs. People’s Title bout at WrestleMania 41. According to a senior member of the WWE creative team, there have been no discussions about which titles would be on the line at next year’s WrestleMania, effectively contradicting Meltzer’s report.

“It has not even been discussed what titles would be on the line for next year’s Mania. Meltzer is wrong,” they clarified.

Furthermore, it was revealed that The Rock hasn’t provided any additional dates to WWE regarding his return for future appearances. Sources specifically stated, “With The Rock, you never know.”

The Rock stirred controversy in WWE after seemingly attempting to claim credit for the company’s success. It is anticipated that The Rock will compete in another match in 2024 before WrestleMania 41. Nonetheless, fans will have to wait and see when he will make his return to WWE television, as it might still be some time.

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