The Rock Returns To WWE SmackDown In Denver

WWE SmackDown had a lot of possibilities in Denver this week, and they kicked off with quite a bang. That being said, they had quite a surprise to start the blue brand this week.

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Pat McAfee was in Boulder, Colorado this morning for his ESPN show. He also had The Rock on the show for a nearly hour-long interview. That was quite revealing time with The Great One.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Pat McAfee’s music started off SmackDown this week with “LET’S GOOOOO!” Pat McAfee then came out to start everything in his own fashion.



Pat McAfee and The Rock were supposed to be backstage at SmackDown this week. McAfee is always welcome in WWE, as Michael Cole popped like his biggest fan when he came out.

Austin Theory cut off Pat McAfee’s promo time, but that resulted in quite a little promo battle. Then McAfee cued up The Rock to come out, where he stood on the SmackDown stage in his Project Rock jacket and sunglasses on.

The Great One pointed at the crowd a few times, and he gave his People’s Eyebrow. Then The Rock got in the ring with Austin Theory and Pat McAfee as the Denver crowd chanted, “holy sh*t.”

The Rock told Austin Theory to “shut your bitch ass up,” and then Dwayne Johnson said, “FINALLY THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO DENVER.” This brought a “Rocky” chant from the live crowd.

The Rock and Austin Theory traded some lines, and then The Rock shut him down. Theory tried to say that “finally’ The Rock is in the ring with a real Austin. Then The Rock talked him down for disrespecting Steve Austin.

The Rock asked the crowd to give him a “Hell Yeah” if they want to see him beat Austin Theory up. Then The Rock called Austin Theory an a-hole. This was led by The Rock leading Denver in a “You Are An Asshole” chant directed at Austin Theory. It was quite incredible, and they had to censor it on FOX. Austin Theory didn’t like that at all.

They chanted a lot, and The Rock made a comment about how SmackDown is only two hours, but they were having fun. Then The Rock gave Austin Theory a theory of his own, “in about three seconds The Rock is gonna whoop your candy ass all over Denver.”

Austin Theory tried to get the upperhand, but he ate a spinebuster and a People’s Elbow in Denver. There was no Rock Bottom, but The People’s Champion’s point was made.

That was followed by Pat McAfee getting a chance to do a People’s Elbow of his own on Austin Theory. This was quite a lot of fun, and it will certainly pop a viewership rating for the near twenty-minute segment that opened this week’s SmackDown.

We’ll have to see if Pat McAfee can find the time to make more appearances like this, because the WWE Universe really loves seeing him. They also really love seeing The Rock. Hopefully, this will encourage The Rock to show up in WWE more often.

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September 15, 2023 8:13 pm


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