The Rock Promotes Upcoming MMA Film Parterning Up Cannes Film Festival in France

The Rock, one of the most renowned celebrities globally, manages a hectic schedule filled with numerous major commitments. His various ventures require frequent national and international travel for which he shared useful tip for travelers crossing time zones.

The Final Boss was spotted arriving in Cannes, France, from Vancouver, Canada earlier. He now took to his Instagram to drop a teaser from an event taking place in the French City, now revealed to be promotional event for his upcoming film, ‘Smashing Machine’ also attended by the writer and director of the film, Benny Safdie.

The Rock announced that he would be partnering up with the renowned Cannes Film Festival for the biopic of former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Mark Ferr and expressed his gratitude to them for having a fireside chat to promote the film in progress.

Benny Safdie @bowedtie and myself in France 🇫🇷 this week for a very cool and intimate “fireside chat” with our partners at Cannes Film Festival for our film, “The Smashing Machine”



On the front page of my beat up script, I wrote a quote months ago from Benny that has become one of our film’s storytelling anchors

“Winning is the enemy”

Winning becomes the addiction, but the other side to winning – losing – is where life’s greatest and often most painful lessons are learned.

Thank you so much Cannes Film Festival for giving Benny and myself your time to speak from the heart and shoot from the hip.

written & directed by benny safdie

After his hiatus from WWE post-WrestleMania 40, The Rock began MMA training for his film and was spotted on multiple occasions undergoing multiple sessions camp inside the Octagon with his trainers.

On his wrestling front, The Rock’s plans for WrestleMania 41 are still uncertain, speculation suggests he might face his longtime rival Cody Rhodes for the championship at the event. In the meantime, he is focusing on his new project and going to lengths to promote it for it to emerge as a blockbuster hit.

What are your thoughts on The Rock partnering up with Cannes Film Festival to promote Smashing Machine? Sound off in the comments!

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