The New Day Discloses Escaping Wyatt Sicks Wrath on 5/17 WWE RAW

Uncle Howdy and his notorious faction, The Wyatt Sicks, finally made their first appearance on the June 17 edition of Monday Night RAW. However, their debut was marred by a brutal backstage assault that left several top WWE superstars in turmoil.

The Wyatt Sicks unleashed chaos throughout the backstage area, targeting prominent names. These superstars were either confirmed to have been attacked on camera or were presumed victims based on the aftermath.

However, there were some superstars who managed to escape the wrath of Uncle Howdy and his dark force, one being The New Day. Xavier Woods took to his X to reveal that he and his partner, Kofi Kingston, left the arena early after getting some eerie feeling throughout the night.

Moreover, Woods thanked his stars and decision to roll out early, believing that they would have also been on the receiving end of Uncle Howdy’s attack that left half of the locker room beaten and battered.



“Something didn’t feel right last night so we rolled out of there early. Good thing we did cause we prolly wouldn’t have made it out otherwise.”

The faction’s members were revealed to include Bo Dallas, Nikki Cross, Joe Gacy, Dexter Lumis and original Wyatt Family member Erick Rowan, who made a huge statement on their first night as a unit. With long-term plans laid out for them, it will be interesting to witness the journey of the Wyatt Sicks in WWE moving forward.

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