Taz Banned From Building For 7/10 AEW Dynamite In Calgary

AEW Dynamite brought a big match to Calgary this week, but there was a notable absence from the July 10 episode. Taz, who is usually present for Dynamite, made it to the city but wasn’t allowed in the venue.

Jericho has been in a rivalry with HOOK for a while, and this occasionally involves interactions with HOOK’s father, Taz. Taz, who typically provides commentary for AEW Dynamite, was not there for this show and was replaced by Nigel McGuinness.

Lead announcer Excalibur explained that Jericho and The Elite were the reason for Taz’s absence. Excalibur stated that it was thanks to Chris Jericho that Taz wasn’t allowed in the building.

“Taz is actually in the city of Calgary. He came to the building but because of Chris Jericho lobbying the EVPs, he was banned from the Saddledome, had to return back to the hotel, so we are joined tonight by Nigel McGuinness.”



On the July 3 episode of AEW Dynamite, Taz started off at the announce table but was later replaced by Chris Jericho, who took over to get his TV time.

Jericho is still the FTW Champion, a title he now calls the “For The World” Championship, poking fun at Taz, who originally created the title in ECW as the “F**k The World” Championship. Taz has consistently tried to correct the “For The World” wording.

Jericho will be in action on tonight’s AEW Dynamite in a ‘Stampede Street Fight’ against Samoa Joe. The match was a brutal contest, ending with Jericho’s victory as the medical team had to stop the fight. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more updates on this story and others.

What’s your take on Chris Jericho banning Taz from the building in Calgary? Why do you think he did that? Let us know in the comments section!


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