Taz Accuses Tommaso Ciampa of Using Similar WWE Theme Music

WWE Superstars are known for a lot of things, and the music that plays them to the ring has a lot to do with their character. Jim Johnston used to compose songs that matches those characters, and even though Johnston is no longer with the company, that theory about Superstars remains.

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Tommaso Ciampa’s music gets fans going as it reminds them that “No One Will Survive.” That intro to his song also sounds a bit familar, and Taz certainly noticed.

Taz discussed the recognizable opening of Tommaso Ciampa’s WWE theme, which triggered memories of his own wrestling days. Ciampa’s theme starts with the sound of a heartbeat, akin to the beeping noise associated with an electrocardiogram machine typically used in hospitals.



The AEW announcer got on social media, and he commented on Tommaso Ciampa’s music. He had to agree that the intro even tricked his brain into going back to his wrestling days.

“When I hear that music… I start reaching for my towel… Then I realize no I’m retired. Lol.”

This familiar “beep-beep” sound was also the introduction to Taz’s theme during his stint with WWE, a connection he recalled after Ciampa’s match against Giovanni Vinci on the September 18 episode of WWE Raw.

WWE Superstars have a lot of unique things about their characters. It appears that the company re-used one great idea that they previously used for Taz, and the AEW announcer noticed.

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September 19, 2023 7:57 am

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