Sting Allegedly Embraces Insane Stunts in AEW Without Coercion

Sting shocked the world when he debuted in AEW in December 2020. Since then, he has been featured heavily on AEW television, being paired up with Darby Allin. Sting has been pulling off death-defying stunts since as early as AEW Revolution 2021, so fans wonder if he does it by choice. It appears Sting does, in fact, do all the stunts of his own volition and is not coerced.

Despite being 64 now, Sting has been competing at an unexpectedly high level, which has impressed fans and pro wrestlers alike. Over the years, the Stinger has performed various insane spots, including jumping from the ladder onto a table, among other things.

While speaking on the AEW Full Gear media call, AEW President Tony Khan talked about Sting’s final run for the company. Khan revealed that Sting does all of the insane stunts of his own volition and no one has tried to coerce him into doing any stunt whatsoever.

For Sting, I expect he will go out in a great blaze of glory. Nobody tries to talk Sting into doing the insane things he does in these matches. He’s always trying to push the limits. It goes to show that he just wants the fans to have a good time and that’s a mindset Sting has brought to wrestling for so many years. Now, in 2023, these past couple of years, I think Sting has been crazier than ever and done some of the wildest stuff he’s ever done in wrestling in his 60’s and we want to make sure we give him a great last run in AEW.’



Sting will be ending his in-ring career at AEW Revolution next year, so there are a few months left until that. It remains to be seen how Sting will be booked in the coming months, as his retirement draws near.

What do you think of Sting’s run in AEW so far? Are you glad he decided to sign with AEW and perform for fans? Let us know in the comments section below!

November 18, 2023 10:52 am


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