Seth Rollins Claims the No. 1 Spot on Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Top 500 List for 2023

Pro Wrestling Illustrated, a long-standing publication known for its annual rankings, has unveiled its highly anticipated Top 500 list for 2023, and there’s a new name at the very top.

Seth Rollins, the World Heavyweight Champion in WWE, has claimed the coveted #1 spot on this prestigious list, marking a significant achievement in his illustrious career.

The PWI Top 500 is a comprehensive ranking of professional wrestlers from various promotions around the world. Wrestlers are evaluated based on their in-ring performance, character work, and overall impact on the wrestling industry over the past year. The list typically generates much discussion and debate among wrestling fans and experts.

Here are the top ten wrestlers who made the cut for the 2023 PWI Top 500:



  1. Seth Rollins: The World Heavyweight Champion in WWE, Seth Rollins has consistently delivered impressive performances in the ring and on the microphone.
  2. Roman Reigns: Reigns, the WWE Universal Champion, came in at the #2 spot.
  3. Jon Moxley: Known for his work in AEW, Jon Moxley secured the #3 position. His hard-hitting style and captivating character have made him a fan favorite.
  4. Gunther: Gunther, an emerging star in WWE, claimed the #4 spot. His powerful presence and in-ring prowess have not gone unnoticed.
  5. Hijo Del Vikingo: The luchador sensation, Hijo Del Vikingo, landed at #5. His high-flying and acrobatic wrestling style has earned him a place among the top-ranked wrestlers.
  6. MJF (Maxwell Jacob Friedman): MJF, a rising star in AEW, is positioned at #6. Known for his mic skills and heel persona, he continues to make waves in the wrestling world.
  7. Kazuchika Okada: The Japanese wrestling legend, Kazuchika Okada, secured the #7 spot. His storied career in NJPW and contributions to the industry earned him this high ranking.
  8. Orange Cassidy: The laid-back yet highly entertaining Orange Cassidy took the #8 position. His unique character and wrestling style have made him a standout in AEW.
  9. Josh Alexander: At #9 is Josh Alexander, known for his time in IMPACT Wrestling. His technical prowess and memorable matches have propelled him into the top ten.
  10. Cody Rhodes: Cody Rhodes, a versatile talent who has worked in various promotions, rounded out the top ten at #10. His contributions both in and out of the ring earned him this recognition.

The PWI Top 500 list reflects the ever-evolving landscape of professional wrestling, with talent from a diverse array of promotions making their mark. Seth Rollins’ achievement in claiming the #1 spot underscores his status as one of the industry’s premier stars in 2023.

Wrestling fans will undoubtedly continue to discuss and analyze this annual ranking.

What are your thoughts on Seth Rollins claiming the top spot on the PWI Top 500 list for 2023? Do you agree with the rankings? Leave us a comment.

September 14, 2023 11:39 am


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