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Security Removes Brooks Jensen During 6/18 WWE NXT

During a segment featuring Wes Lee and Oba Femi discussing a future NXT North American Title match, a surprising incident unfolded involving Brooks Jensen.

As Wes Lee and Oba Femi stood in the ring on the June 18 episode of WWE NXT, planning their upcoming showdown, security was seen grappling with Brooks Jensen in the audience. The distraction momentarily diverted Femi’s attention from Lee.

Video footage captured the commotion, showing Jensen attempting to reach the ring but being swiftly intercepted by security personnel.

Jensen, who has announced his imminent departure from WWE, continues to make headlines with his unpredictable actions. Jensen’s unpredictable actions have continued to make waves, adding an element of unpredictability to his final days in WWE.



What are your thoughts on Brooks Jensen’s recent actions in NXT and his impending departure from WWE? How do you think this incident might impact NXT and the ongoing storylines involving Wes Lee and Oba Femi? Join the conversation and share your opinions!


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