Saraya Calls AEW Fan ‘Hideous’ and ‘Ugly’ Over Women’s Match Critique

The world of professional wrestling is no stranger to impassioned fan opinions, and sometimes, even the performers themselves wade into the discourse. Such was the case recently when Toni Storm earned a women’s title opportunity against Saraya at the upcoming Grand Slam Dynamite, a match that stirred some critique.

During the September 13th, 2023 episode of AEW Dynamite, Toni Storm emerged victorious in a hard-fought four-way match, securing her spot in the title showdown against Saraya. While the outcome of the match had wrestling fans buzzing, it also drew some criticism from viewers who felt the bout didn’t meet their expectations.

One such viewer, Twitter user @kotarokicks, expressed their disappointment, labeling the match as “terrible” and remarking on what they perceived as a lack of quality and precision from the competitors.

“I’m sorry… that women’s four way was terrible. All four of them looked so sloppy. Shit happens but damn, I was hoping for more both in time and in quality.”



Saraya, who currently holds the AEW Women’s World Championship, didn’t shy away from responding to the fan’s criticism. In a series of tweets, she addressed the comments made by @kotarokicks, but her responses took an unexpected turn. Saraya not only defended the match but also confronted the Twitter user with pointed remarks about their appearance and character.

In one tweet, Saraya noted that she had explored @kotarokicks’ Twitter feed and accused the user of frequently criticizing women in a derogatory manner.

“Going through your twitter. So you just talk shit on women in general. Makes sense though. You’re hideous. Always the ugly ones.”

Saraya didn’t stop there. In another tweet, describing herself as “hot” and “successful.” She also reminded @kotarokicks that she is the reigning champion, while the user is merely a spectator.

“I’m hot, successful and your champ. You’re sitting on your swamp ass at home watching ME, grunting about how bad you think the other successful women are. I’d rather be me baby than a greasy little loser who probably smells like earring backs. Take care bb 💚”

Saraya’s responses on social media reflect the dynamism of professional wrestling, where performers often engage directly with fans and critics alike.

As the AEW Women’s World Champion, Saraya continues to embrace her role as both a wrestler and a public figure, responding to criticism with her unique flair.

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September 13, 2023 10:03 pm


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