Ryback Comes Clean About Giving Dolph Ziggler A Concussion

WWE fans are prone to have their own opinions about things, but Ryback doesn’t know how it became a widely accepted narrative that he is unsafe in the ring. This is subject he has addressed in the past, and he was forced to deal with the same topic once again.

One critical fan decided that they wanted to call into Ryback’s live stream, and they had a lot to say. This fan accused Ryback of being unsafe as he dragged his era in WWE.

Ryback didn’t let this fan bother him. He went on to inform the hater that the only injury he was responsible for was a concussion for Dolph Ziggler, who is one of The Big Guy’s best friends. That is also an injury that Ziggler apparently takes blame for as well.

“The only injury that I’ve ever caused was Dolph Ziggler, one of my best friends, with a concussion. He actually blames. I take the blame, and he takes the blame. You know, I’m one of the safest workers, legit, and I worked with top guys my entire career? Have you not gone back and watched my matches? I’m actually very safe. Maybe with intensity and getting over, but I actually know how to work.”



Ryback later said that Vince McMahon yelled at him over that Dolph Ziggler injury, but he apologized for it a million times. It seems that this situation is water under the bridge, because Ziggler and Ryback are still very good friends.

Mark Henry has called out Ryback in the past for being unsafe in the ring. Ryback also recently made it very clear that his beef with the World’s Strongest Man is still very real.

The only thing keeping Ryback out of the ring right now is a doctor’s green light. Hopefully, he will get that accomplished very soon, because The Big Guy has worked very hard to improve his body with a ton of dedication to his physical wellbeing. He’s certainly ready to take on doubters while he waits.

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September 13, 2023 2:20 pm

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