Ronda Rousey Faces Criticism For Being Overrated In The Pro Wrestling Business

Ronda Rousey made waves when she showed up at the ROH television taping. She hasn’t inked any deal yet, but that doesn’t stop the conversation from starting about how much she would really mean for Tony Khan’s organization.

Following August’s SummerSlam event, Ronda Rousey concluded her tenure with WWE. During her time there, she engaged in an MMA rules match where Shayna Baszler emerged victorious over the former WWE Women’s Champion.

Then, in a surprising turn of events, at the ROH TV tapings that took place after Collision and Rampage, Rousey took part in a tag team match.

Eric Bischoff shared his thoughts on various topics during the recent episode of his 83 Weeks Podcast. One of the subjects discussed was Ronda Rousey, who had recently participated in Friday’s ROH TV tapings.



“Eh. I think she’s, I don’t want to say overrated, but I think in terms of the professional wrestling industry, she’s overrated. An obviously very accomplished mixed martial artist, very accomplished at judo. Phenomenal athlete. But she never clicked for me in WWE, despite a push from the gods. She got an amazing push, but there was something lacking with her, and she never clicked with me.”

I don’t think she really clicked with the audience. Not long after she first arrived, I think the shine kind of wore off the star pretty quickly, and I never got the feeling that she was really serious about the industry. Don’t get me wrong, not in terms of her performances or what she put in. Not suggesting she didn’t put in her full effort, but it takes more than that, and I never really felt like she embraced the business. After Holly Holm knocked her out decidedly, she left there, kind of whined about it a little bit. Not someone who handled the loss well in the media.”

Then she segued into WWE, and I don’t know. I just don’t think she’s as big a name as people sometimes think she is. I think she mattered to a buyer. I don’t think that there’s going to be a media buyer out there or a programming buyer out there that’s going, ‘Oh, wait, you got Ronda Rousey? I too wasn’t sure about this deal, but now I really want to do it.’ I don’t see that,” Bischoff said.

Ronda Rousey’s involvement with the company was based on a handshake agreement, leaving the door open for potential future matches should she be inclined to participate. The decision to feature the match on ROH TV was primarily aimed at boosting subscriptions to HonorClub.

AEW has a lot of die-hard supporters, but they also need a mainstream presence to really establish themselves on the market. Having someone like Ronda Rousey around could do a lot for them, but it remains to be seen if she ever appears for the company again.

We will keep an eye on this story, and so much more, right here at Ringside News. You never know what will happen next, especially when Tony Khan has so much money to throw around.

What’s your take on Ronda Rousey going to AEW? Do you think she will move the needle? Let us know what you think about this in the comments section!

November 20, 2023 10:09 am


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