Paul Wight Named In Performance Enhancement Scandal Investigation

Paul Wight entertained fans for over a decade as The Big Show. He worked hard to become a staple of WWE, but now his name is coming up in a much different way as he is now with AEW. However, this story takes place during the time when Paul Wight was employed by Vince McMahon’s company.

A decade ago, diligent U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents conducted a comprehensive federal investigation into the Biogenesis clinic, scrutinizing the prevalent steroid use in baseball. Alex Rodriguez, Nelson Cruz, and Ryan Braun were among the 21 players who ultimately faced suspension. Tony Bosch and seven other individuals were subsequently convicted.

ESPN managed to acquire an extensive cache of 1,400 unredacted federal investigative documents, revealing the identities of additional athletes associated with Biogenesis. Among them was AEW’s Paul Wight.

In a revealing 2014 interview, Tony Bosch mentioned that he had treated Wight during the years 2009-2010. Bosch disclosed that his partner, Jorge “Ugi” Velazquez, had clandestinely administered performance-enhancing drugs to Wight, unbeknownst to Bosch himself. Furthermore, Wight allegedly conveyed to Velazquez that wrestlers sought more potent substances, such as Winstrol and Deca-Durabolin, a preference incongruent with Bosch’s doping protocols.



Paul Wight, represented by his attorney Edward Brennan, stated that Tony Bosch had visited Wight’s residence during a “Thanksgiving open house,” attended by fellow wrestlers. Nonetheless, Wight affirmed that he had met with Bosch on only one other occasion. Brennan emphatically underscored that Wight had never recorded a failed drug test and emphasized the grave risk posed by any involvement with performance-enhancing drugs due to his preexisting endocrine system disorder.

Edward Brennan released a statement that claimed the former Big Show never saw Tony Bosch for any of those illegal enhancements. This was quite a string of events that unfolded, but Paul Wight claims he was never involved at all.

“Paul never treated with Bosch. Paul never took any PEDs from Ugi or anyone else. He is as clean as you can be. More importantly, he would never take any PEDs because of his underlying medical condition.”

Jorge “Ugi” Velazquez has called Bosch a “snitch,” and said, “What I believe it is, when you are doing a deal with the government, you need to bring stuff to the table to make yourself bigger so you can have more value. [Bosch] is trying to make himself bigger than he is, like always. He is a nobody.”

We will have to see if there is any more information about this story. The 2013 investigation into Biogenesis made headlines as 21 professional baseball players were connected to Biogenesis. Other athletes were also involved, but Paul Wight claims he is not part of that story.

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September 13, 2023 9:43 am


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