Parker Boudreaux Links Up With Rapper Lil Baby

AEW has a lot of stars on their roster with celebrity friends, and Parker Boudreaux is not shy about showing off the kind of people on his contact list. Now, we can officially add Lil Baby to the mix.

We previously reported that Rick Ross and Parker Boudreaux are friendly. It seems that Boudreaux is tapped in very well with the rap game. Perhaps AEW will be able to pull Lil Baby for guest appearance, much like they snagged Rick Ross.

The AEW star was recently spotted hanging out with Lil Baby. He dropped an Instagram story to show off this little factoid to fans. He didn’t provide any additional information, but it seems that Boudreaux is still making moves in his own world.

AEW wrote Boudreaux off television due to an injury. The Mogul Embassy was created after that, and it appears that Boudreaux will have to find a new storyline when he does come back.



Hopefully, Parker Boudreaux will be back on television soon, but he’s apparently still out there. He is also frequently on Instagram, showing off his bling and unreleased Jordans.

Parker Boudreaux has a ton of possibilities in pro wrestling, but he needs to get more reps in the ring to reach that full potential. He was once even hailed as a Brock Lesnar look-alike. If anything, he certainly takes a good photo with hip-hop celebrities.

What’s your take on Parker Boudreaux hanging out with Lil Baby? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

September 17, 2023 9:32 am

Felix Upton

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