Nikki Bella Is Hurt By WWE Snubbing Her During Barmageddon Plug

Nikki Bella and her sister, Brie Bella, left WWE, and they are both doing their own thing now. For some reason, WWE snubbed the Hall of Famer recently, and fans took notice. She also saw that they neglected to mention she was on Barmageddon.

WWE Hall of Famer Nikki Bella had an interview with NBC Chicago on her 40th birthday. One of the questions revolved around her name, as WWE owns the trademark to Nikki Bella. Therefore, she now goes by her real name, Nikki Garcia, for all her endeavors post-WWE. Nikki mentioned that there was some initial confusion and difficulty letting go of the Bella name, but she is determined to make history as Nikki Garcia.

Regarding her omission from the promo read by Michael Cole last week to promote USA Network’s Barmageddon, where she serves as the host, Nikki mentioned that she was saddened by the oversight. Instead, the promo copy mentioned the creator, Blake Sheldon, but her name wasn’t included.

“It’s sad. There’s obviously a lot of things I could say about that. I think more than anything it’s disappointing. I worked there for 16 years and I helped paved the way for them. Not only that, they’ve always been family to me. Walking away, for me, it wasn’t malicious. I’m at a point in my life and I wanted to do things without hearing the word ‘no’ and it was just strictly business. Maybe there were some personal things that happened over the years that also pushed me toward that but I think more than anything it’s disappointing because I don’t see it happening with the men. For some reason with the women who are outspoken and we’ve seen this with the women in the past, they just want to ban us. I think it’s sad because we all look at it as family and so, okay, they don’t want to say my name. That’s fine but hey Barmageddon got a shout out.”



When asked about pro wrestling stars she’d like to see on Barmageddon, Nikki expressed her interest in a match between Natalya and Tyson Kidd versus Naomi and Jimmy Uso. She also suggested a matchup between Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair, considering it would be highly entertaining. Nikki thought it would be cool to have some surprises involving “their guys” in the event.

We will have to see if WWE continues to snub Nikki Bella. It is possible that they didn’t want to confuse fans by calling her Nikki Garcia, but there was probably another reason behind that. After all, WWE used to bring a lot of viewers to their shows featuring Nikki Bella.

What’s your take on WWE snubbing Nikki Bella? Let us know what you think about this situation in the comments section!

November 21, 2023 4:26 pm


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