Nick Khan Says Vince McMahon’s Patience In Talent Lets Them Succeed In WWE

Vince McMahon ruled WWE with an iron fist for decades, as every single decision went through him, down to the smallest details. He has helped create many stars in WWE but many feel he is out of touch now. It appears that Nick Khan stated McMahon’s patience in WWE talent help them succeed in the company.

WWE has created mega stars in recent memory, including the likes of Roman Reigns, Dominik Mysterio and more. However, none of it happened in a short period of time.

While speaking with Bill Simmons on his podcast, Nick Khan stated that he believes Vince McMahon’s patience in WWE talent have helped them succeed in WWE, naming Roman Reigns and Dominik Mysterio to prove his point.

When I started with WWE … height of COVID, Dominik — young wrestler, Rey’s son, seen as Rey’s son, nice young man — but it wasn’t really working,” Khan said. “I think the patience that Vince and Paul Levesque, Triple H, show with the talent, you saw it with Roman, where people were not buying him as the monster face, if you will. And then, all the sudden during COVID, he came back to the Florida facility when we were taping down there, came back as a heel and boom! Roman Reigns takes off,” he added. “Dominik Mysterio — ‘Hey, I’m the good son of Rey Mysterio.’ It was great, they stuck with it … turned him into a heel, amazing.”



We will have to wait and see whether WWE will be able to create kiye stars in the future, as patience is truly a virtue.

What’s your take on what Nick Khan said? Do you think WWE can still create stars? Let us know in the comments!

September 17, 2023 5:32 am


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