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NFL Players Break Out WWE Style Suplexes During Games

WWE is known throughout popular culture, and the company is also in a booming period right now. After WWE’s merger with the UFC, as they formed a new publicly traded TKO Group Holdings company, the company, which is no longer run exclusively by Vince McMahon, continues to make its mark in unexpected places, as evident in recent NFL games.

On Sunday, during the match-up between the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills, millions of viewers witnessed a moment that is usually reserved for WWE events. Nobody expected to see a pro wrestling move pop off on the gridiron.

In a tense face-off between these rival teams, Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner made headlines by executing a German suplex on Bills receiver Stefon Diggs. However, the move went down after the whistle, leading to a penalty. This unexpected display of wrestling-inspired action exemplified how WWE’s impact reaches far beyond the confines of the squared circle.

Remarkably, this wasn’t the sole instance of a suplex making its way into an NFL game on that particular Sunday. We’re not sure if something was coordinated, but this was certainly an interesting coincidence if it wasn’t



In another game featuring the Seattle Seahawks and the Los Angeles Rams, Seahawks cornerback Devon Weatherspoon duplicated the suplex maneuver, this time targeting receiver Austin Trammell. The referees on the field promptly flagged the play, further showing off WWE’s influence, as it extends into the realm of professional football.

Keep checking back with us here at Thirsty For News for more on this story, and so many more. WWE is getting a lot of eyes on them right now, as they close out a big year. It appears that instances like this duo of suplexes during NFL games may just add to that hype.

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November 20, 2023 9:40 am

Aaron Varble

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