New Wrestling Documentary Spotlights Saraya’s Brother’s Journey

Saraya had quite a story to tell, but she’s not the only person from her family who has a tale worth telling. Her brother, Zak Knight who wrestles as Zak Zodiac, is now getting his own spotlight. After all, rumor has it he is going to AEW.

The Knight family is known for their wrestling legacy, and they are making headlines once again with their latest venture in the world of professional wrestling. Back in 2012, siblings Saraya and Zak Knight gained recognition when they appeared in the documentary “The Wrestlers: Fighting With My Family,” shedding light on their journey into the wrestling industry, with a particular focus on Saraya’s achievements. A 2019 film of the same name further cemented their story in the hearts of fans. However, Zak Knight, while not as prominent in recent years, is set to return to the limelight with a new documentary project in collaboration with UK-based production agency Lambda Films.

The in-production documentary, titled “Fighting For My Family,” promises to deliver a fresh perspective on the Knight family’s wrestling saga. Ryan Stone, the creative director at Lambda Films, emphasized the documentary’s significance.

“This isn’t just a continuation of a known tale; it’s a vital narrative that brings closure to an unfinished epic. With the UK’s pro-wrestling scene gaining momentum, the timing couldn’t be more opportune. Wrestling giants like AEW and WWE are making substantial moves, shining the spotlight back on the arena.”



Set within the backdrop of Britain’s often-misunderstood pro-wrestling landscape, the upcoming documentary portrays a poignant depiction of a world where everyday individuals confront extraordinary challenges. Their pursuits are driven by the quest for acceptance, camaraderie, and the allure of stardom. At the center of this narrative is Zak ‘Zodiac’ Knight, grappling with unresolved traumas, emotional turmoil, and severe physical debilitation. These challenges force him out of the ring and into a life marked by isolation and despair.

Lambda creative director Ryan Stone shed light on their approach, stating, “Our approach is authentic and controlled, providing us with the flexibility needed in the storytelling process. We aim to infuse Zak’s incredible story with a unique visual and emotional depth.”

The Knight family’s wrestling journey, which began with “The Wrestlers: Fighting With My Family,” continues to evolve, promising to captivate audiences with this compelling new documentary project. We will have to see how this new documentary shows the famous pro wrestling family.

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November 17, 2023 1:21 pm


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