MJF vs Jay White Full Gear Match Ranked Lowest AEW Pay-Per-View Main Event of All Time

AEW Full Gear went down in the Kia Forum on November 18th, and fans saw quite a show. After MJF retained over Jay White in the main event match, fans had a lot to say about it.

Ringside News provided detailed coverage for the entire AEW Full Gear event. It was quite a show, and the main event match got a lot of fans talking. Sadly, they may have been talking for the wrong reason.

MJF and Adam Cole currently hold the ROH Tag Team Championships, but an injury has sidelined Cole. Nonetheless, MJF found a new tag team partner for the upcoming Full Gear event. During AEW Full Gear Zero-Hour, MJF teamed up with Samoa Joe to face The Gunns in a thrilling tag team match. The Gunns, affiliated with Bullet Club gold, entered with significant momentum, and the crowd at the Kia Forum filled up with chants for MJF and Joe.

The match showcased intense action as both teams displayed their skills. At one point, Samoa Joe and MJF attempted stereo Muscle Buster moves, but The Gunns managed to avoid them. Later, Joe secured a submission victory with a Coquina Clutch, while Adam Cole made a surprising appearance.



Following the match, The Gunns assaulted MJF, targeting his knee with a chair. Adam Cole, on crutches and sporting a full beard, couldn’t intervene. Before being attended to by the medical team, MJF asked Cole to ensure they wouldn’t take his title, prompting Cole to step up.

Tony Schiavone appeared with Jay White, seemingly ready to make White the champion due to MJF’s inability to compete. However, Adam Cole emerged, leading Tony Khan to officially announce the main event change for AEW Full Gear: Adam Cole vs. Jay White for the World Title.

MJF was able to show up and wrestle a 30-minute match against Jay White. He also cut sobbing promo after the event was over. Although MJF pulled off a dramatic win, he didn’t win over fans.

As of this writing, Cagematch currently lists the 2024 Full Gear main event with a 4.05 rating, the lowest rating that any AEW pay-per-view main event has received so far. There have been far worse matches, but this one ranks at the lowest when considering everything that AEW has presented in the main event of their pay-per-view matches.

Some fans were upset about the match getting changed in the middle of the event. Others complained about how MJF wrestled such a long match after selling an injury. Either way, they found a way to give it a pretty low rating.

What’s your take on the AEW Full Gear main event match this week? Let us know what you think in the comments!

November 19, 2023 4:48 pm


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